How to make a bow

How To Make Bows and Single Loop Ribbons

Single Loop Ribbons

Step 1 Cut ribbon on a diagonal as shown between names and date:

Joseph’s Baptism     January 7, 2010

Step 1 Lay out the ribbon as shown with the date to the left and the name to the right make sure writing is upside down.

Step 2 Hold the ribbon in your hand

Step 3 Cross the end with the name over the end with the date so you will be reading the ribbon from left to right.

Step 4 Glue or Staple where the loop forms.

Make Ribbon into a Bow

Step 1 Follow the four steps as explained above for making a ribbon loop.

Step 2 Open the legs of the loop to a wider position and bring the top center of the loop down to meet the two crossed legs.

Step 3 Glue or Tie a length of craft wire to the crossed area to complete your bow.

Step 4 You can now attach your completed bow to your favor using the ends of the craft wire.